Full name Zur Pa Iyah
Games Guardian Heroes
Advance Guardian Heroes
Voice Hiroyuki Yokoh

Zur is an antagonistic character in both Guardian Heroes, and Advance Guardian Heroes. He has two forms, and often acts in either a cocky manner, or a cowardly manner. He also becomes Super Zur in stage 25 of Guardian Heroes.


He seemingly acts cowardly, and worms his way out of trouble if he can, usually having an underhanded plan to usurp power from one higher than him, or simply steal theirs.

After stage 4 in Advance Guardian Heroes, he takes on a more menacing demeanor, even belittling Kanon for not being able to pass as a "mid-boss."


His first appearance has brown hair, and is wearing a medieval-esque outfit with puffy white pants down to his knees, where they meet his long purple socks that go up from his brown shoes. he has purple sleeves attached to his large white puffy shoulders on his outfit, and a long blue shirt with a wide yellow stripe going down the middle. He is also wearing a cape similar to his Super Zur form, in that the side facing Zur's back is red, and the other side is a purple-ish blue.

Super Zur, on the other hand, is blonde with spikier hair, wearing white tights without shoulders, has a pair of yellow boots, and a purple-ish blue short-shorts over his tights. Not to mention a cape with a red inside and purple-ish blue outside.

Battle strategyEdit

Guardian HeroesEdit

His first appearance has a seemingly limited moveset, consisting most prominently a quick jabbing attack, and a rose-throwing attack. Both can prove to be obnoxious, but in his later incarnations, he seems to have adopted more powers, including using his cape to glide distances, firing energy bursts, and a number of other things.

Advance Guardian HeroesEdit

He fights with similar jabs and roses, but this time, the roses can explode. He also has a top-spinning attack, shows signs of flight/piloting skills, and can even fire energy blasts.


He is one of the only people you will see no matter what path you choose.

He shows up at stage 2 to sic his soldiers on you, once he sees your undead hero. After they're down, he'll send more, but than gets startled when armed skeletons rise out of the ground, and runs off.

In the later half of Advance Guardian Heroes after Kanon's defeat, he is revealed to be an agent from the Heavens. Whether he joined the Heavens after Kanon's plans failed in the first game or was an agent from the very beginning is unknown.

Command listEdit

Guardian Heroes

  • Cannot defend or crouch
  • Can only attack with B or C button

Advance Guardian Heroes

Name Command
Bad Finger AGH B
R•C•E•B•P•S AGH Forward + AGH B
Slash Typhoon AGH ForwardAGH Forward + AGH B
Demon Spiral AGH Up + AGH B
Wonder Slicer AGH UpAGH Up + AGH B
H•D•P•E•S•S AGH Down + AGH B
Bad Finger AGH B (air)
Gold Phoenix AGH Forward + AGH B (air)
Fool Breaker AGH Down + AGH B (air)


Advance Guardian Heroes

AGH Zur C1 AGH Zur C2 AGH Zur C3 AGH Zur C4 AGH Zur C5 AGH Zur C6
Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6


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