Sword Han
Full name Hero's Sword Han
Games Guardian Heroes
Voice Mitsuaki Madono

Sword Han is a playable character in Guardian Heroes.


Command listEdit

Name Command Description
Hero Sword Dynamite ↓↘→ + Attack (Ground) Tackle
Hero Sword Special Hit B button repeatedly when a weak attack hits (Ground) Performs a combination of normal attacks
Hero Sword Final ↓↓ + Attack (Ground) Jumps while spinning
Hero Sword Maximum ↓↓ + Attack (Air) Diving attack from above
Hero Sword Miracle Hit B button repeatedly with D-pad neutral (Air) Swings sword around several times while descending
Hero Sword Hyper When throwing opponent, if C button is pressed Combination attack
Hero Sword Victory When throwing opponent, if C button is not pressed Throw
Hero Sword Burnings ↓↘→ + Z Fireball



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