Macho FMV
Full name Macho Goro
Games Guardian Heroes
Voice Yousuke Akimoto

Macho is a playable character in Guardian Heroes.


Command listEdit

Name Command Description
Self-taught Mouko Kouhazan ↓→ + B (Ground) Lunges forward for a single-hand strike
Ukantai →→ + C (Ground) Steps forward and kicks
Self-taught Renkantai →→ + CC (Ground) Steps forward and kicks twice in the air
Self-taught Shippuukyaku ↓↑ + Attack (Ground) Long-distance jumping karate kick
Self-Taught Shouryuuga →↓↘ + Attack (Ground) Jumping attack with multiple uppercuts
Self-taught Tetsuzankou ←→→ + B+C (Ground) Tackle
Self-taught Youshisenrin ←↘ + B+C (from close range) Steps behind opponent and tackles
Self-taught Kiaidan ↓↑ + Z Ball of energy
Self-taught Hadouhou →↓←→ + Z Laser



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