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STAGE-10 Town of TraitorsSTAGE-11 Uncertain MessengerSTAGE-12 Head-On Charge
STAGE-13 An openingSTAGE-14 A Clan ChargesSTAGE-15 Wizard Fort
STAGE-16 Dark LabyrinthSTAGE-17 RevengeSTAGE-18 Resistance Wing
STAGE-19 New BeatSTAGE-20 DeterminationSTAGE-21 Battle in the Castle Town
STAGE-22 Steel FortSTAGE-23 TruthSTAGE-24 Fate
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File:AGH A.pngFile:AGH Any.pngFile:AGH B.png
File:AGH Back.pngFile:AGH Cerena.jpgFile:AGH Cerena C1.png
File:AGH Cerena C2.pngFile:AGH Cerena C3.pngFile:AGH Cerena C4.png
File:AGH Cerena C5.pngFile:AGH Cerena C6.pngFile:AGH Cyclops C1.png
File:AGH Cyclops C2.pngFile:AGH Cyclops C3.pngFile:AGH Cyclops C4.png
File:AGH Cyclops C5.pngFile:AGH Cyclops C6.pngFile:AGH Down.png
File:AGH Dpad.pngFile:AGH Dylan.jpgFile:AGH Dylan C1.png
File:AGH Dylan C2.pngFile:AGH Dylan C3.pngFile:AGH Dylan C4.png
File:AGH Dylan C5.pngFile:AGH Dylan C6.pngFile:AGH Edo.jpg
File:AGH Edo C1.pngFile:AGH Edo C2.pngFile:AGH Edo C3.png
File:AGH Edo C4.pngFile:AGH Edo C5.pngFile:AGH Edo C6.png
File:AGH Enn C1.pngFile:AGH Enn C2.pngFile:AGH Enn C3.png
File:AGH Enn C4.pngFile:AGH Enn C5.pngFile:AGH Enn C6.png
File:AGH Forward.pngFile:AGH Gargoyle C1.pngFile:AGH Gargoyle C2.png
File:AGH Gargoyle C3.pngFile:AGH Gargoyle C4.pngFile:AGH Gargoyle C5.png
File:AGH Gargoyle C6.pngFile:AGH Ginjirou.jpgFile:AGH Ginjirou C1.png
File:AGH Ginjirou C2.pngFile:AGH Ginjirou C3.pngFile:AGH Ginjirou C4.png
File:AGH Ginjirou C5.pngFile:AGH Ginjirou C6.pngFile:AGH Gob Tank C1.png
File:AGH Gob Tank C2.pngFile:AGH Gob Tank C3.pngFile:AGH Gob Tank C4.png
File:AGH Gob Tank C5.pngFile:AGH Gob Tank C6.pngFile:AGH Goblin C1.png
File:AGH Goblin C2.pngFile:AGH Goblin C3.pngFile:AGH Goblin C4.png
File:AGH Goblin C5.pngFile:AGH Goblin C6.pngFile:AGH Han.jpg
File:AGH Han C1.pngFile:AGH Han C2.pngFile:AGH Han C3.png
File:AGH Han C4.pngFile:AGH Han C5.pngFile:AGH Han C6.png
File:AGH Heavy Gear C1.pngFile:AGH Heavy Gear C2.pngFile:AGH Heavy Gear C3.png
File:AGH Heavy Gear C4.pngFile:AGH Heavy Gear C5.pngFile:AGH Heavy Gear C6.png
File:AGH Hime.jpgFile:AGH Hyu C1.pngFile:AGH Hyu C2.png
File:AGH Hyu C3.pngFile:AGH Hyu C4.pngFile:AGH Hyu C5.png
File:AGH Hyu C6.pngFile:AGH JP Box.jpgFile:AGH Kanon C1.png
File:AGH Kanon C2.pngFile:AGH Kanon C3.pngFile:AGH Kanon C4.png
File:AGH Kanon C5.pngFile:AGH Kanon C6.pngFile:AGH L.png
File:AGH Nicole.jpgFile:AGH Nicole C1.pngFile:AGH Nicole C2.png
File:AGH Nicole C3.pngFile:AGH Nicole C4.pngFile:AGH Nicole C5.png
File:AGH Nicole C6.pngFile:AGH R.pngFile:AGH Ray C1.png
File:AGH Ray C2.pngFile:AGH Ray C3.pngFile:AGH Ray C4.png
File:AGH Ray C5.pngFile:AGH Ray C6.pngFile:AGH Roper C1.png
File:AGH Roper C2.pngFile:AGH Roper C3.pngFile:AGH Roper C4.png
File:AGH Roper C5.pngFile:AGH Roper C6.pngFile:AGH SkyKnight C1.png
File:AGH SkyKnight C2.pngFile:AGH SkyKnight C3.pngFile:AGH SkyKnight C4.png
File:AGH SkyKnight C5.pngFile:AGH SkyKnight C6.pngFile:AGH Soldier C1.png
File:AGH Soldier C2.pngFile:AGH Soldier C3.pngFile:AGH Soldier C4.png
File:AGH Soldier C5.pngFile:AGH Soldier C6.pngFile:AGH Sorcerer C1.png
File:AGH Sorcerer C2.pngFile:AGH Sorcerer C3.pngFile:AGH Sorcerer C4.png
File:AGH Sorcerer C5.pngFile:AGH Sorcerer C6.pngFile:AGH Title.png
File:AGH US Box.jpgFile:AGH Up.pngFile:AGH Valgar C1.png
File:AGH Valgar C2.pngFile:AGH Valgar C3.pngFile:AGH Valgar C4.png
File:AGH Valgar C5.pngFile:AGH Valgar C6.pngFile:AGH Zur.jpg
File:AGH Zur C1.pngFile:AGH Zur C2.pngFile:AGH Zur C3.png
File:AGH Zur C4.pngFile:AGH Zur C5.pngFile:AGH Zur C6.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Face admira.gifFile:Face cer.gif
File:Face cyc.gifFile:Face dylan.gifFile:Face enn.gif
File:Face ginji.gifFile:Face gob.gifFile:Face hahn.gif
File:Face hime.gifFile:Face hyou.gifFile:Face kanon.gif
File:Face mah.gifFile:Face nic.gifFile:Face rai.gif
File:Face rop.gifFile:Face soldier.gifFile:Face zuru.gif
File:Favicon.icoFile:Flag of Europe.svgFile:Flag of Japan.svg
File:Flag of the United States.svgFile:Forum new.gifFile:GH EU Box.jpg
File:GH JP Box.jpgFile:GH Title.pngFile:GH US Box.jpg
File:G Silver FMV.pngFile:Gash FMV.pngFile:Ginjirou FMV.png
File:Ginjirou concept 1.jpgFile:Ginjirou concept 2.jpgFile:Group concept 1.jpg
File:Group concept 2.jpgFile:Group concept 3.jpgFile:Guardian Heroes.png
File:Han FMV.pngFile:Han concept.jpgFile:Kanon FMV.png
File:Katrina FMV.pngFile:Lucia concept.jpgFile:Macho FMV.png
File:Macho Kanon.jpgFile:Nando concept.jpgFile:Nicole FMV.png
File:Nicole Ginjirou.jpgFile:Nicole concept 1.jpgFile:Nicole concept 2.jpg
File:Nicole concept 3.jpgFile:Randy FMV.pngFile:Randy Han.jpg
File:Randy concept 1.jpgFile:Randy concept 2.jpgFile:Randy concept 3.jpg
File:Serena FMV.pngFile:Serena Undead Hero.jpgFile:Serena concept.jpg
File:Undead Hero FMV.pngFile:Undead Hero concept 1.jpgFile:Undead Hero concept 2.jpg
File:Untitled.pngFile:Valgar FMV.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Zur FMV.pngFile:Zur Valgar.jpg

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