Katrina FMV
Games Guardian Heroes
Voice Natsumi Asaoka

Katrina is a playable character in Guardian Heroes.


Command listEdit

Name Command Description
Shockwave of Red ↓→ + Attack (Ground) Projectile vacuum attack
Spectre Slicer ↓↑ + Attack (Ground) Swings sword around
Aurora Revolution ↓↓ + Attack (Ground) Jumps while swinging sword around
Surprise Spin Hit B button repeatedly with D-pad neutral (Air) Midair spinning attack
Somersault Kick ↖ + C (Ground) Jumps and does a backflip kick
Surprise Heel ↓↓ + Attack (Air) Diving kick
Infinity Counter B+C (Ground) Blocks attack with shield and counterattacks
Queenfire ↓→ + Z Fire
Queen Thunder ↓↑ + Z Thunder
Queen Ice ↓↓ + Z Ice
Queen Ice Beam →↓←→ + Z Ice laser
Queen Blizzard →←↓↑ + Z Blizzard



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