Ginjirou FMV
Full name Ginjirou Ibushi
Games Guardian Heroes
Advance Guardian Heroes
Voice Tohru Ohkawa

Ginjirou is a playable character in Guardian Heroes and Advance Guardian Heroes.


Command listEdit

Guardian Heroes

Name Command Description
Reverse Mirage Sword ↓↓ + Attack (Ground) Jumps while twisting body
Vacuum Human Top ↓↘→ + Attack (Ground) Spinning ground attack
Shadowless Dash →→→→ (Ground) Moves forward while warping
Mirage Sky Dance ↓↑ + Attack (Ground) High, long jump
Mirage Spin Surprise Attack →→ + Attack (Air) Rolling diving attack
Reverse Thunder Kick • Shadowless Kick ↓↓ + C • B (Air) Diving kick
Firespell ↓↘→ + Z Fire
Thunder Palm ←↓→ + Z Shoots lightning from his hand
Thunderspell ↓↑ + Z Pillars of lightning
Thunder Transformation ↓↓ + Z Turns into lightning and attacks

Advance Guardian Heroes

Name Command
Flash Shuriken AGH B
Top Spin AGH Forward + AGH B
Thunder Trance AGH ForwardAGH Forward + AGH B
Phantom Sword AGH Up + AGH B
Shadow Bind AGH Down + AGH B
Flash Kick AGH B (air)
Tornado Kick AGH Forward + AGH B (air)
Hurricane Kick AGH Up + AGH B (air)
Lightning Kick AGH Down + AGH B (air)


Advance Guardian Heroes

AGH Ginjirou C1 AGH Ginjirou C2 AGH Ginjirou C3 AGH Ginjirou C4 AGH Ginjirou C5 AGH Ginjirou C6
Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6


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