Gash FMV
Full name Gash Deadeye
Games Guardian Heroes
Voice Hideaki Ohno

Gash is a playable character in Guardian Heroes.


Gash is the new leader of the empires blue knights squad since Han left to lead the Guardian Heroes. He is just as adept with a long sword as Han except he lost his eye in a particulary brutal battle so he must wear an eye patch. Han and Gash enjoyed friendly competition between each other but are now on opposite sides of the conflict.

Command listEdit

Name Command Description
Deathtrap Tackle ↓↘→ + Attack (Ground) Tackle
Rushing Combination Hit B button repeatedly when a weak attack hits (Ground) Does a combination of normal attacks
Dorin Sword ↓↓ + Attack (Ground) Jumps while spinning
Surprise Sword ↓↓ + Attack (Air) Diving attack
Big Masher Hit B button repeatedly with D-pad neutral (Air) Swings sword around several times
Helm Crush When throwing opponent, if C button is pressed Combination attack
Deadeye Throw When throwing opponent, if C button is not pressed Throw
Flicker Fire ↓↘→ + Z Fireball



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